Hadleigh Castings

Hadleigh castings are a leading UK aluminium foundry, who serve industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Marine, Motorcycle, Defence, Life Sciences, Communications, Environmental and Test and Measurement.

Their requirement was for a garment that could withstand the challenging temperatures in their environment and that gave added frontal protection for their foundry workers.  They could not find a suitable ‘off the shelf’ solution on the market and approached Tusker Industrial Safety to design and manufacture a solution that met their needs.

We designed and manufactured special chaps, made with our chrome leather, which incorporated an additional front panel. This gave double thickness front protection from the intense temperatures in the foundry environment.  We also added additional velcro straps to the back of the chaps to ensure that the garment had increased tensity to the thigh.





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Hadleigh Castings said about our solution:

‘We needed a garment that could give added protection and we couldn’t find an off the shelf solution.  Tusker designed this garment for us, which is exactly what we needed. We’re really happy with the end result.”

Sharon Banyard, Hadleigh Castings



Bespoke PPE solution for foundry environment.


Custom-made chaps with built-in waist apron to give double thickness heat protection.


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