Martin-Baker is the world leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft ejection seats. The company has a presence worldwide and approached Tusker Industrial Safety to make extensions to a welding bay that we previously installed at their facility in Middlesex.

The requirement was for the addition of two further bay extensions to house an extraction wall and also to create a safety screen in front of a tumble drum.  The bays also featured an acoustic panel for noise reduction.

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The modular nature of Tusker bay systems meant that Martin-Baker had the opportunity to amend an existing welding bay system to fit with new requirements, resulting in a considerable cost saving.  Work on the bays consisted of amending the existing welding bay system by dismantling the front of two x 3mtr bays and extending them out by 300mm to give more work space inside.

The further addition of a 400mm panel onto an existing bay opposite, created an extra safety screen.

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