Within your facility, there are many requirements to fulfill from a health and safety perspective.  Whilst these requirements span many considerations, PVC strip curtains can be a useful means of achieving the relevant standards of health and safety in your workplace.  The installation of PVC strip curtaining can enhance industrial workplaces in multiple ways.

Reducing dust and contaminants

The nature of industrial workplaces means that dust and particles from numerous substances can accumulate in the air.  By using PVC strip curtains to cordon areas, you can effectively create dust and contaminant barriers, allowing areas which do not generate particles to remain contaminant free.  This means that enhanced respiratory PPE can be reserved for workers within risk areas, saving costs on equipment.


PVC strip curtains can create departmental areas.  This allows differing processes to remain separated. This is particularly relevant currently in terms of creating barriers between departments to aid in social distancing and creating workplace ‘bubbles’, reducing the risk of widespread infection with viruses.

Easy access to areas

PVC strip curtains can create barriers between areas, but still allow easy access for personnel, machinery or forklifts.

Protection for welding areas

Welding-grade PVC strip curtains create barriers or bays, allowing the weld to take place whilst protecting others in the area from the harmful effects of UV.  This is a crucial consideration to prevent the painful condition, arc-eye.  Welding strip must be physically stamped with EN25980/2014, ensuring that they reach the necessary standard to filter the harmful UV.

Reduced noise levels

The installation of PVC strip curtaining can reduce noise levels.  As well as the health and safety benefit of a reduction of noise, this can also reduce distraction and enhance productivity.

Other benefits – energy saving

Your facility may have loading bays or other areas exposed to the outside.  Installing PVC strip curtains helps to keep temperatures within the building stable, reducing energy costs.  Equally, in environments such as food production where temperatures within sections of the building need to remain cool, PVC strip curtains keep heat from escaping from the cold areas.

Tusker can supply a range of PVC strip curtains to suit varying requirements, cut to size and with components such as plate sets and overhead supports or with eyelets.  Please ask our team for advice regarding which PVC strip curtain option best suits your requirement.

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