Here at Tusker we are an approved supplier of Resistant Magnesium Oxide Board. This is a medium density magnesium oxide board for multiple purposes that is very durable and non-combustible, so is often used as an alternative to chipboard, plywood or wood based cement particle board, offering greater dimensional stability. It can also be finished with paint, tiles, veneers, laminates and a variety of other finishes.

How to install MGO board

One of the many benefits of Magnesium Oxide boards is the ease and simplicity of the installation process. The tools required are similar to the tools needed for installing sheathing, partition or any other drywall; or if you are using it for tile underlayment, then use the tools you would use when working with tiles. Generally, regular nails can be used, with normal screws being used to fasten the boards.

MGO board can be fixed to both timber or steel frames, and must be supported at the edge, at intermediate positions. Screws should be at least 12mm from the edges and 50mm from corners.

The board can be nailed directly into timber supports. It’s best to use a nail gun so the board is less likely to break. But if using screws, the size and length of the screw really depends on the thickness of the board.

When handling Magnesium Oxide boards, be sure to carry them well as they can break apart if not handled properly. At least two people are recommended for carrying a full board. If carrying a single panel, it is recommended that you hold the sheet vertically.

It is important that you also read the manufacturer guidelines and installation manuals with the actual product to prepare for any variations.

Find out more about our MGO boards as well as our safety products for construction.

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