Fire Barrier

Our PU28 fire barrier is a flexible material with a 90 minute fire rating.  Staples easily to joists.  It is suitable for a range of applications including large building developments, timber framed constructions and smaller installations such as thatched roofs, partition walls, loft conversions or anywhere where building regulations specify a fire barrier.  Conforms to BS476.

Flexible Fire Barrier for Construction and Thatching

90 Minute Fire Rating. Easy to Install. Economical

Tusker PU28 fire barrier is a flexible alternative to traditional fire boards, suitable for all size developments. This passive fire protection barrier is made from glass fabric, with a high temperature treated Polyurethane coating that’s treated with a flame retardant polymer; perfect for commercial or residential construction projects. Designed to deliver 90 minutes of fire protection, tested to BS476: Part 20 standards.

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  • Easy to install – staples onto joists and/or surrounding structures
  • Waterproof
  • 90 minute fire rating

You can download more information on our PU28 fire barrier here.

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