PU28 – Innovative & Flexible Fire Protection

If you require a flexible and versatile alternative to a traditional rigid fire board, look no further than the PU28 fire barrier.

Tested to BS476: Part 20 (Fire tests on building material and structures. Method for determination of the fire resistance of elements of construction [general principles]) and designed to provide passive fire protection, PU28 can be used in a wide range of construction projects. This includes:

  • Large-scale building developments, such as new housing estates, office buildings and retail parks
  • Timber-framed structures, such as cabins, houses, and workshops
  • Smaller projects, such as partition wall installations, loft conversions and thatched roofs

Made from high-temperature glass fabric with a high-temperature treated PU coating on both sides, the PU28 fire barrier is also treated with a flame-retardant polymer. This polymer coating is enhanced with mineral salts and vermiculite to increase performance. The PU coating also suppresses dust and irritants, making it easier to install than other traditional options.

PU28 – Features

As a highly flexible fire barrier, PU28 can be installed on ceilings, on floors or on joists – both under and over. It’s also suitable for installing in cavities.

The key features of this fire barrier are:

  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Low irritant
  • Abrasion and tear-resistant
  • Halogen-free
  • Easy to install

Please note, PU28 is designed to contain the passage of smoke and flames. It will not provide insulation against the heat of a fire. If you are forming a cavity barrier or a fire barrier, please ensure the product you use has the required insulation value. This is noted for advisory purposes only and does not warrant any design characteristics.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is given in good faith and should be considered a guide only.

If any values in this specification are of critical importance, then we strongly recommend the user arranges independent testing themselves.

Test methods mentioned are considered as guides only – actual methods may differ slightly in practice.

Suitability of the product for all applications is at the discretion of the user, as are any potential patent infringements relating to specific applications.

If your intention is to sell the product to an end user, you should advise the end user to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended application.

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