If you are responsible for the health and safety requirements of your welding facility, you will be all too aware that the market is flooded with options for welding curtains.  In order to achieve the best possible solution for your fabrication unit, there are considerations that should be taken into account when sourcing your welding curtain.  These can include:

  • Establishing how your curtain will be configured to give the best protection in your fabrication space.
  • Establishing the priority safety aspect of your welding curtain. For example, considering if the curtain’s purpose is for filtering arc exclusively, or for example, stopping the ingress of spark also.
  • Deciding if there is a benefit by installing a welding curtain which will retract, perhaps in cases where you need to move machinery or forklifts through the area.
  • Considering if you need visibility through the curtain, in order to observe the weld in progress.
  • Considering if the curtain needs any particular components to fit existing framework such as press studs or open hems.
  • Ensuring that the curtain conforms to the relevant standard of EN25980/2014.

Choosing Tusker welding curtains means that the curtain can be configured to suit your exact requirement.  We work with a range of welding PVC materials when making our welding curtains, in addition to heavy duty fabrics that will stop the ingress of spark and spatter.  We can make welding curtains to any size and with any configuration of components such as eyelets, press studs and hems.

We can supply framework, with installation services available for bay systems if required.  We have multiple options for retractability including retractable reel systems or track and wheel systems.

All our welding curtains conform to EN25980/2014.

For more information, or to discuss your welding curtain requirement, please get in touch with us here.

See a case study featuring a retractable welding curtain system here.

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